BenQ ScreenBar  This is how your workplace is lit up!

BenQ ScreenBar: This is how your workplace is lit up!

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Why didn’t I buy something like the BenQ ScreenBar before? This question is still swirling around my head. It is simply the perfect lighting for the workplace, the keyboard, the monitor.  I don’t need another desk lamp anymore. The topic is done and I can also regulate the light if I want to take over the work of the automatic sensor.

BenQ ScreenBar in review

On Amazon there is the ScreenBar for 99 euros. Almost 100 reviews and an average of 5 stars! Can’t be! Did I think of myself. But there aren’t even ratings with 1 or 2 stars. The device is therefore obviously suitable for everyone, works and fulfils the desired effect. Are you considering buying a normal lamp/lighting for your PC? Forget it. The e-Reading Lamp is simply the nonplusultra.  The video shows how the “assembly” works. The lamp is stretched onto the monitor and draws its current via a USB port. That’s it. In fact, really simple. I also managed to ruckzuck. 

More space and more light thanks to the e-Reading Lamp

For many, space can actually be the selling point alone. Wasn’t it now. With me there is a desk lamp behind the monitor and it illuminates the wall. Indirect lighting. Besides, my desk isnot so tidy that a lamp next to the keyboard would fit. The solution with the ScreenBar is not noticeable at all. It hangs over your monitor, doesn’t cover it, and even at my 30 inches the mechanism holds. Once set up and connected via USB, you never have to worry about the appropriate lighting on your desk again. The e-Reading Lamp has 4 buttons. In most cases, I only need the button on the far right to turn it on and off. The sensors control the rest automatically. In fact, there is only one exception for me, where I manually dim the lamp extremely: if my daughter’s afterlight has an empty battery and I don’t want to wrap it in full lighting because she’s asleep. The desk is located a few meters from the changing room. Even in the lowest setting, the light is enough for me to see everything when i wind.

More warmth or rather cold light?

As you will guess, besides the on and off switch there are also buttons for dimming and for a reset of the automatic light sensor. Did you play around dimming and want to switch to automatics again? Tap the button next to the power button.  On the left side, besides the dimmer, there is also a button to set the color temperature. Here the scale ranges from 2,700K (warm light) to 6,500K (cold light) BenQ ScreenBar Colour Temperature 2700K 6500K This allows you to adjust a crucial point. Many new devices offer a night mode with red filter. You can also set this on Windows 10 or new tablets. This should allow you to fall asleep better, even though you looked at the display until just before bedtime. Accordingly, you can also customize the ScreenBar. According to the manufacturer, the warm light helps regenerate your energy while the cold light supports concentrated work.

Conclusion BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp

  • The best invention on the subject of desk lamps.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Fulfills the purposes immediately.
  • Does not dazzle or mirror on the monitor.
  • Simply an all-purpose weapon for lighting your workplace.

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  • BenQ ScreenBar: This is how your workplace is lit up!
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