Real men don’t need Valentine’s Day

Real men don’t need Valentine’s Day

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Today is the 14.02. and a day like any other, if it weren’t for the florists. The 14th February is considered Valentine’s Day, but has relatively little to do with the namesake and Christian martyr named Valentinus, who probably died by decapitation. The church used the day to bless especially married couples, untilsome shrewd businessmen decided to make this day a gift for their loved ones. Through intensive advertising a day was created which drives men to despair. Today, the classic rose is almost a “no go” as a Valentine’s gift, small necklaces, romantic evenings in a restaurant or whatever the lady of the heart deserves, are the “standard” today. But let’s face it, who needs Valentine’s Day?  A day created by the florists wants to dictate us to give a gift to our friend. (One should briefly consider what incredibly good marketing must be behind it). But seriously, we don’t need a day that dictates we have to give our girlfriend a gift! It’s all about coming up with a way to make his girlfriend happy, no matter in which way!  The true message that you send when you give your girlfriend a gift on Valentine’s Day is not that you have given a lot of thought to your love, but that you don’t do it otherwise. Giving something is not only a sign of affection, but also of care!  If you want to give your girlfriend a treat, then you should give her a small treat (or even a big one) more often, instead of just on a day which became a “day of lovers” through advertising. A rose has more expressiveness when you surprise someone with it, this is an experience that every man makes in his life.

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