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We would like to show you the Tips & Tricks, how you can start a new relationship, keep an active relationship, or in case of an emergency end it face-saving.

The phase of getting to know each other
In the getting-to-know-you phase we show you how to find your new wife: either in real life or with the help of flirt apps. After you got to know her, we show you how you can tell if she is interested in you and if you basically match at all. In addition, we show you flirt tips and things you should avoid when flirting. The success of your attempts at flirting can then be seen by yourself by observing her body language.

The relationship phase
Once you've found your girlfriend, you need to decide on the nature of your relationship: you are monogamous and aim for a engagement in the medium term, wedding and possibly even children, or would you like to live in an open relationship. No matter what you choose: a relationship must be maintained – especially if the partner's make-your-partner">make-your-partner prevail.