The Witcher  Netflix teasert Original zum Game mit finalem Teaser-Trailer

The Witcher: Netflix teasert Original zum Game mit finalem Teaser-Trailer

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Friends of good series entertainment, what can I say: I am looking forward to the start of the new Netflix series The Witcher. I am one of the fans who have all played part of the game series. Who does not know the games: The Witcher transports us to a medieval world, with a multitude of magical elements, witches, evil creatures and so on. Fantasy for adults at it’s finest. The whole game universe is so huge that countless seasons can be filled.

The Witcher: “Just” a porn for fans of the show or is there something big coming up?

In general, I don’t expect anything really great from game adaptations. For example, as a World of Warcraft fan, I celebrated the movie like crazy. Certainly not because of the very manageable plot. Vielmehr deswegen, weil alle paar Sekunden eine Gegend oder Landschaft gezeigt wurde, die ich aus dem Spiel kannte. This is exactly what I hope for from The Witcher.  Und zwar hier insbesondere die vielen Bosskämpfe, die wir im Laufe der Spielreihe erlebt haben. I’d be celebrating that if they were really well presented. And they’ll put in a little storyline. The storyline of the games was convincing and could be adapted. The one in the books is apparently better, but I haven’t read it.  But it seems that if they make an effort, they could also make the next big Game of Thrones out of the fun. I’d settle for either. Certainly set are the following characters from the game:

  • Geralt– Hauptfigur und der Hexenmeister, um den sich die Handlung dreht
  • Ciri– Geralt’s daughter, who grows from a young girl to a young woman during the games
  • Yennefer– Geralt’s great love and ideal for an exciting subplot, the good woman has a little secret

The Witcher starts on 20 December: So let the holidays come!

Netflix has now released the final trailer and what we get to see there looks really good like Game of Thrones and Co. Be sure to wear the 20.12. into your calendar. From there Geralt Riva’s journey continues as a series! Das Witcher-Netflix Ideal for the holidays and certainly an alternative to the felt 1 million times abandoned Kevin or the daily greeting marmots. Have fun with the trailer: 

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